AIM has engaged with Bioman Spa of Italy, one of Europes largest processors of organic source separated waste, for the advancement of anaerobic digestion processes in Canada . Bioman, through anaerobic and aerobic digestion processes transforms these materials into renewable clean energy and organic fertilizers.

Bioman works in a unique environment in Europe where there is a strong desire to search for alternative energy sources. Biomans facilities are optimally valued for the treatment of discarded kitchen waste and allows for an important energy recovery system with its production of organic fertilizers. The clean energy generated via the anaerobic digestion process generate biogas which is transformed into electricity and heat energy via CHP’s (combined heat and power units), biomethane for pipeline injection, vehicle fuel and LNG. Residual organic matter is then processed via aerobic processes into organic fertilizers. Biomans’ owned and operated partnership facilities process in excess of 1 million tonnes per year of source separate organics.