Calgary Organics Composting Facility


Winner of the SILVER AWARD for INFRASTRUCTURE 2017, awarded by The Canadian Council of Public-Private Partnerships. 

Facility Manager:Ken Kielly

Operations Manager: Sean Van Wely

The Calgary Composting Facility opened its doors July 2017 and is AIM’s largest managed processing facility to date with a design process capacity of 145,500 tonnes per year. AIM Environmental as OMR (Operate/Maintain/Repair) provider in combination with Maple Reinders/Nason J.V. as Constructors developed the process flow, facility layout, and provision of key pre and post process systems for the facility. The process is designed to receive and compost organics from the City of Calgary residential Source Separated Organics program & Dewatered Biosolids from one of the City of Calgarys’ Waste Water Treatment facilities. The technology employed will be an advanced aerated static pile in-vessel system in order to better manage the dual in-bound organic waste streams.

Processing Capacity: 145,500 tonnes per year

Feedstock: Residential Source Separated Organics & Dewatered Biosolids

Processing System: In-vessel aerated static pile

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Operational since: July 2017


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