Lakeview Community Garden Thanks AIM

Community Garden

May 15
Seed to Soil 
By Judy Osinski
The Lakeview Community Garden is up and running again for the 2017 season. We have some enthusiastic new participants this year who are taking over garden beds from people who have moved on from our group. We have had two work bees already this spring to prepare the garden for the new season. This has involved cutting down and turning in our cover crop of fall rye to act as a green manure. We have also been the fortunate recipients of a donated load of compost from AIM Environmental Group, the company which is setting up the composting plant for the City of Calgary. We were chosen for this free compost because we have been donating produce to the Food Bank and will continue to do so this season in cooperation with Connect Charter School.
For more information about the Lakeview Community Garden or to inquire about plot availability for next season, please send an e-mail message to or post on our facebook page. Alternatively, call Judy Osinski at 403-246-4066. By Chris Dittmann