Theo Van Wely

Theo Van Wely

AIM Environmental Group’s history began with Mr. Van Wely’s inception of the company in 1989 as AIM Waste Management Inc. through the acquisition of a small waste collection firm. Partnering with Maple Reinders Group Ltd. in 1990, the early priority was directed to the recycling of construction and demolition materials with a special focus on roofing materials and waste wood. This focus was based on creating asphaltic products and densified biomass for the European markets. The development of low-cost disposal alternatives via U.S. landfills stalled the development in the products.

During this time AIM grew its waste services logistics business and contracting services for soil and groundwater remediation and demolition. Mr. Van Wely continually sought viable ways to improve the environment through the recycling of soils, groundwater and continually sought out new areas where recycling could be implemented.

In 2003, with a business development partner from Maple Reinders, Mr. Van Wely was first introduced into in-vessel composting technologies and how they could be applied to treat and compost various organic waste materials.   This introduction led to partnerships with European companies for the application of this and other associated technologies in Canada. The result has been the successful application of in-vessel composting to treat source separated organics and/or biosolids for several Canadian communities including Hamilton, Guelph, Waterloo, Halton Region, Simcoe County and the City of Calgary.

Mr. Van Wely has now taken the company on a singular pathway in that AIM will now be a vibrant, evolving, trusted, world-class business in the supplying of technologies to and /or operation of successful and sustainable organics processing and material recovery facilities. To this end, AIM has also developed European-based partners for the further development of organics processing using anaerobic digestion based technologies. Mr. Van Wely is currently a member of TEC Canada and is actively involved in charitable work in bringing sustainable potable water supplies to communities in underdeveloped areas.

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