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AIM is results-driven, environmentally conscious organization with a proven track record of success. AIM has a clear focus on delivering quality through our experience and technological innovation, generating a beneficial customer experience, and preserving our environment.


AIM is a front-line business partner who does the job right and does it on time. AIM’s rigorous professional performance lives up to requirements of conscientious governments and businesses. It’s the power of AIM’s intelligent strategies developed by people with experience and insight that demonstrate AIM’s leadership.


Our research and development group works continuously to adapt breakthrough technology around the world to apply to our Canadian environment. By leveraging some of the newest equipment in the industry and continually training staff, we recognize operational precision and efficiency through innovation and advanced technology.

Customer Experience

At AIM we are passionate about meeting our clients’ expectations. In our ever-changing environmental and regulatory requirements, AIM works continuously to bring the expertise and available technological capabilities to meet these challenges. Our goal is always to make sure that AIM is bringing forward the most effective, the most environmentally sound, and economically feasible solution to meet our clients’ goals.

The Environment

AIM’s leadership is passionate and motivated to continually have a positive impact on the environment by finding solutions to effectively and environmentally sustain and transform waste resources into viable and beneficial commodities.  AIM views its passion for environmental and social responsibility as the leading factor in its success.

AIM is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and satisfaction.


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