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AIM is results oriented, an environmentally friendly organization with proven experience of many successes. AIM clearly focuses on delivering quality service through our experience and technological innovation at our disposal allowing for an exceptional customer experience while preserving our environment. 


AIM is a first-line business partner that does the work according to expectations and in time-consuming. AIM’s professional and rigorous performance meets the expectations and demands of governments and corporate responsibil- ities. The level of quality that AIM offers is the value of the contribution of experienced and expert people bring to your projects. This is what enables AIM to be recognized as the undisputed leader in the field.


Our research and development group is continually working to adapt the best of the world’s leading technologies to the realities of our Canadian environment. By leveraging industry-recognized innovation and new equipment, we are also relying on a continuous training program for our staff, ensuring precision and operational efficiency.

Client experience

Chez AIM nous sommes passionnés de répondre aux attentes de nos clients. Dans un context où les exigences environnementales et réglementaires sont en constante évolution, AIM travaille constamment à apporter l’expertise et les capacités technologiques disponibles répondant à ces défis. Notre objectif est toujours de faire en sorte de metre de l’avant la solution la plus efficace, la plus respectueuse de l’environnement et économiquement realisable pour atteindre les objectifs de nos clients.


AIM’s management team is passionate and motivated to have a positive impact on the environment by finding solutions to support and transform the sources of residual materials into enviable products on the markets and respectful of the environment. AIM sees its passion for environmental and social responsibility as the key factor in its success.

AIM is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and satisfaction.


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