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Halifax Community Liaison Committee Documents

The below documents are intended for the use of the Halifax Community Liaison. Information about Halifax Community Liaison Committee can be found by following the links below.


Ragged Lake Composting Facility
61 Evergreen Place
Replacement of Screening Building Roof
September 2019

This notice is to advise the public that commencing Sept 3, 2019, the Ragged Lake Composting Facility will be undertaking a renovation project involving replacement of the screening building roof. The project scope includes replacement of the steel trusses and fabric roof cover the Screening Building at the Ragged Lake Composting Facility. The facility is owned by Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and is operated under contract by AIM Environmental Group (AIM). The project s expected to require three to four weeks to complete. The screening building will be emptied and cleaned before work commences and taken out of service during the replacement work. It is not expected that this project will cause any off-property concerns.

Please contact AIM at 902-876-5186 or HRM through 311 if you have any questions regarding this project.

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