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Facilities Under Management


Facilities Operations of 10+ Years


Processing Design Capacity

tonnes per year

Total Tonnes Compost Created

Map of North America with markers for Calgary, Lethbridge, Halifax, Guelph and Hamilton

Calgary, AB

  • North America‚Äôs largest in-vessel organics processing facility
  • Largest in-vessel aerated static pile facility in Canada
  • SSO and dewatered biosolids composting
  • SSO capacity: 160,000 tonnes annually
  • Quality Compost: 70,000 tonnes annually
  • Winner of the SILVER AWARD for INFRASTRUCTURE 2017, awarded by The Canadian Council of Public-Private Partnerships

Guelph, ON

  • Acid scrubbing odour management
  • Ammonium sulphate byproduct for agriculture

Halifax, NS

  • Largest privately owned composting facility in Eastern Canada
  • Advanced screening and separation technology for enhanced compost quality
  • Reduced compost processing time and enhanced product quality
  • Advanced odour treatment

Hamilton, ON

  • First fully enclosed in-vessel aerated static pile composting facility constructed in Canada
  • First Canadian installation of Komptech shredding and screening equipment for organic waste composting
  • Concrete vessel heat recovery
  • First public and private partnership in Canada to deliver a municipally owned privately operated composting facility

Lethbridge, AB

  • First private operator of City of Lethbridge’s composting program
  • First AIM operation of ECS outdoor covered aerated static pile (CASP) composting technology
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