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Hamilton Central Composting Facility View From Top

First in Canada: fully enclosed in-vessel aerated facility

Komptech shredding & screening

Concrete vessel heat recovery

P3 municipally owned, AIM-managed facility

AIM Environmental Group (AIM) has been the sole operator of the Hamilton Central Composting Facility (CCF) since its inception in May of 2006. As the OMR (Operate/Maintain/Repair) provider, AIM worked exclusively with its European partners and Maple Reinders constructors to develop the process flow, facility layout, and provision of key pre and post-process systems for the facility.

One of the first of its kind in North America, the Hamilton Central Composting Facility was designed to process 60,000 tonnes per year of source-separated organics (SSO) producing over 10,000 tonnes of valuable category A compost through the use of large climate-controlled vessels.

Unique features

AIM pioneered the innovative technology used in this facility, building on it for future designs and later implementing that proven success into the Guelph and Calgary facilities. These include:

  • The first fully enclosed in-vessel aerated static pile composting facility constructed in Canada
  • The first Canadian installation of Komptech shredding and screening equipment for organic waste composting.
  • To enhance energy efficiency, it was the first facility to use heat recovery from the concrete vessels themselves to negate the need for any additional space heating during normal operations.
  • The first example of a public and private partnership to successfully jointly deliver a municipally owned privately operated composting facility in Canada.
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