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A large empty warehouse facility in Lethbridge

First private operator of city composting program

First AIM operation with CASP technology

In 2022, AIM Environmental Group (AIM) was awarded a 10-year operations contract for the newly constructed City of Lethbridge composting facility, constructed on the site of the City’s existing Waste and Recycling Centre. Operations commenced in April 2023, with annual tonnage commencing at 9,000 tonnes/year, increasing to 20,000 tonnes/year in the future.

The process technology selection and the facility design, procurement and construction were managed directly by the City and their consultant. The composting facility employs indoor receiving and shredding, with outdoor covered aerated static pile windrow composting technology. Post-composting screening is completed outdoors. The scope for this project is to provide safe, compliant, and efficient operations and basic maintenance of the composting facility in an open and transparent partnership with the City.

Unique features

This facility marks AIM’s first operations of the ECS outdoor covered aerated static pile (CASP) composting technology, furthering AIM’s depth and breadth of direct operations and maintenance experience.

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