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Sean is General Manager of AIM’s newest Composting Facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia scheduled to open in August,2024. Sean has a solid understanding and experience in the waste management sector, particularly within Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Sean’s expertise in managing composting and recycling facility operations, coupled with his dedication to process improvement through SMART objectives, positions him as an ideal leader and facility manager. Sean’s experience includes providing support for waste processing and collection contracts, generating analytical reports for senior management, leading systems implementations, and evaluating business opportunities in related markets, which demonstrates his comprehensive approach to customer engagement, operations management and efficiency optimization.

Prior to AIM, Sean was a member of the Miller Waste Systems team since June 2013 in key roles including Operations Analyst, Facility Manager and Compost Technician, where he consistently demonstrated leadership and innovation. He was instrumental in instituting best management practices, ensuring regulatory and contractual compliance, developing annual budgets, and overseeing significant improvements to product quality and operational efficiency. Sean was also instrumental in assessing new technologies to achieve compliance with 2005 CCME maturity standards, and assisting in the development of a business case for adding anaerobic digestion capabilities, showcases his forward-thinking approach and commitment to innovation. His academic background with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Dalhousie University, and professional development as a Certified Compost Facility Operator through the Compost Council of Canada, further solidify his credentials and readiness to contribute significantly to AIM’s future growth plans and the broader waste management industry.

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