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Theo founded Aim Waste Management in 1989 as his first foray into the waste management sector with a planned focus on the recycling of demolition and construction wastes. This focus led to the on-site recycling initiatives for large scale demolition projects throughout Canada, whereby, 90% of generated materials could be diverted and repurposed. In 2003, Theo began a concerted effort to undertake the challenge created by the municipal waste sector to divert organic materials from landfill. This effort incorporated numerous investigations of the various proven technologies available in Europe and determined as to how they could be best applied in Canada. These investigations led to the development of Aim Group Holdings Inc. in 2007 as the facilitator for several special purpose companies to lead the development of beneficial organic processing projects.

Theo grew AIM from a small waste logistics and management company to a multi-million dollar, multi disciplined environmental organization it is today with individual operational management contracts ranging from 2 to upwards of $12 million annually. In this time, he facilitated the procurement and management of projects for both civil, demolition, remedial works, and OMR services that resulted in the growth of annual group revenues to over $40 million annually.

One of Theo’s strengths has been the formation of strategic partnerships and sourcing international alliances. Theo developed and brought together European based partnerships such as; VanKaathoven Group B.V., Christiaens Group B. V., WTT B.V., Thoeni Gmbh and Komptech Gmbh) that have assisted in the design/build of IVC (In-Vessel Composting Systems for: the City of Hamilton, the City of Guelph, the City of Calgary, Halifax (HRM) and for the recently awarded expansion of plug flow digestion technology for the City of Calgary Facility. Theo was instrumental in securing the long-term operational contracts for the aforementioned facilities in the provision of design, process flow engineering and long term operational cost modelling. Theo continues his pursuit in developing European based partnerships in both engineering and operational support partners that allow for the transfer of know-how and operational experience into the North American waste management space for the processing of waste streams for the creation of renewable energy, development of process derived sustainable products and recovery of resources.

Prior to Theo’s 34 years in leading AIM, he was part owner, Plant Manager and a Director of Niagara Grain & Feed (1984) Company for 5 years. Theo also has over his career other holdings in logistics, and equipment and technology representation corporations that assist in bringing a broad knowledge base to AIM.

Through Theo’s vision and solid presence in various environmental sectors, AIM has grown into Canada’s leading Canadian privately owned OMR (Operate, Maintain, Repair) provider to the municipal sector for the processing of organic waste materials. This vision has resulted in Aim becoming solely focused on servicing the municipal sector in the processing of source separated organic waste streams and mixed solid waste streams. Through the utilization and representation of leading industry sector technologies and developing operational support agreements with industry leading processors in Europe, Theo has allowed for Aim to be a competitive force in this sector of waste processing by minimizing process risk in design and bringing cost assurance to its municipal clients. The ability by Theo and Aim to source partners with over 25 years of European operational experience and accessing the latest in proven technological advances for the processing of organic wastes will allow Aim to provide its clients the maximum beneficial value to its stated goals whether the project consist of aerobic, anaerobic or a combination the two process technologies.

  • Attended McMaster University in an Honours Business Program
  • Member of Compost Council of Canada
  • Member of W2RO and awarded Canadian Waste Sector Executive of the Year in 2013 for Small Private Business Category
  • Member TEC Group since 2005 (The Executive Committee) Vistage
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