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As the Chief Technology Officer for AIM Environmental, William leads the identification, assessment, and analysis of technology solutions for new business development initiatives, driving value for AIM customers and stakeholders alike. His responsibilities extend beyond analysis; he spearheads the comprehensive development and execution of various projects, particularly focused on organic and municipal waste stream processing.

Whether it’s identifying new business opportunities or fine-tuning existing business models, Wiliam’s work involves day-to-day collaboration with AIM facility leaders, consumer groups, and vendors and suppliers across European and North American markets. He leads bid teams for various projects, including DBO, DBOM, DBOFM, PPP, IDP, and PDB initiatives, aligning process design development, internal and external process guarantees, and technical documentation. Additionally, he ensures access to specifications, literature, and technical documentation necessary for project development and execution through close collaboration with technological partners and vendors.

His expertise encompasses managing and forecasting delivery requirements for new projects, aligning technology supply, operational costs, and capital lifecycle replacement budgets. Furthermore, he effectively communicates and collaborates with internal teams, external stakeholders, and industry partners, emphasizing the strategic role of technology in achieving organizational objectives while maximizing value for money.

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