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A Long-Standing Leader In The Organics Processing Industry

Known for developing and operating some of the largest, most technologically advanced composting plants in North America, AIM has developed a partnership with one of Europe’s largest organic waste processors to deliver on biogas energy opportunities. AIM’s success can be attributed to leveraging the combined knowledge of our experienced international partners and the expertise and knowledge of local requirements.

Strategies and partnerships are a vital part of our business, and as such we treat all of our customers as partners in pursuit of a common goal. Whether we are working with a city to assist in waste processing or an equipment supplier/technology provider for a project, we know that creating a relationship with our clients, partners, and suppliers will continue to build towards future success.

Theo Van Wely


AIM Environmental Group’s history began in 1989 when Mr Van Wely’s acquisition of a small waste collection firm lead to the birth of AIM Waste Management Inc. In the 30 years that have followed, Mr Van Wely’s passion for innovative new methods of environmental benefit and rehabilitation has led to continuous growth for AIM.

All of our success is reliant on our people. Without our employees passion for what they do or their desire to provide our clients with the best service possible, AIM would not be able to deliver on our goals of creating effective and economically beneficial relationships. With our commitment to a great work environment and to the safety of its employees and customers, AIM creates the safest work environment possible where everyone’s voice is heard and input sought.

Why AIM?

Why AIM?



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