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Innovation Meets Organics

Looking for ground-breaking, long-term solutions to managing organic waste that deliver measurable ESG results, optimal risk management, and cost assurance? Meet AIM, where innovation meets organics.

We are North America’s leader in advanced, cost-effective, low environmental impact treatments for organic waste streams, however complex. A partner of choice for results-driven municipalities and commercial operations, AIM’s reputation is built on bringing innovation to every aspect of organics processing… in our operational IP; sophisticated technical integrations; long-term, financially savvy collaborations; and an impressive 20-year track record of successful organics management collaborations with local and regional governments.

Applying advanced systems from across the globe, we tackle challenges in large-scale organic processing for all waste streams: food, leaf & yard; IC&I (Industrial, Commercial, Institutional); and dewatered biosolids.

Rely on AIM to bring innovation to every facet of your organic waste processing, from outsourcing operations to end-to-end solutions: design, finance, build, operate, and transfer.

It all adds up to a powerful promise to deliver risk management and cost assurance with every project.

Innovative, low environmental impact processing for major waste challenges:
Innovative, low environmental impact processing for major waste challenges:
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Leaf & Yard

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Dewatered Biosolids

Design. Build. Operate. Finance. Maintain.
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