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As the Circular economy builds momentum, AIM is your full-service partner for bringing innovative solutions to organic waste management challenges.

Diagram depicting the circular economy starting with organic growth, organics consumed / processed and waste generated, organic waste hauled to processing facilities, organic waste processed into compost/fertilizer, and compost/fertilizer used for agriculture.
Our Partnership Models

Reliable Outsourcing: As long-term operators of existing facilities, some of our client relationships span over a decade.

Facilities Upgrading: Optimize existing operations and processes or add new capabilities to facilities.

Integrated Solutions: Rely on AIM for complete, end-to-end solutions. With our domestic and European partners (including exclusive licensing arrangements), we develop facilities under long-term design, build, operate and maintain (DBOM) contracts. Some involve significant financing or include ownership transfer on completion. We’re highly experienced in the P3 project delivery model.

Overhead shot of three people sitting at a boardroom table with a laptop, calculator and floor plans on paper.

Innovation is built into every step of the development process, ensuring that each system is designed, tested, and commissioned to meet our clients’ unique specifications and performance goals. From project inception to execution of operational plans, AIM is continuously exploring ways to make operations smarter and more effective:

  • Detailed Requirements
  • Research & Process Testing
  • Flow Design and Mass Balance
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Component and Equipment Selection
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