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Major cities and commercial operations choose AIM for its well-documented ability to deliver on economic as well as other ESG goals. We’re able to apply what we have learned from more than 20 years of operating experience to address environmental risk management and cost assurance priorities.

Economic ROI

Reduce costs by optimizing operations

Our efficient, cost-effective facilities, modelled on leading large-scale processing plants in Europe, including odour management, allow you to future-proof your operations with AIM’s advanced technologies.

Guaranteed business models

Benefit from predictable costs based on multi-year timelines.

Environmental ROI

Landfill diversion

Reduce your environmental footprint through significant landfill diversion.

Qualify for key offsets

Take advantage of carbon and GHG offset programs.

Low environmental impact

Our solutions incorporate sophisticated water management and energy efficiencies.

Renewable by-products

Create high-quality compost and liquid fertilizers. Each year, AIM processes approximately 275,000 metric tonnes of organic waste – food, leaf and garden waste – and produce over 70,000 tonnes of quality compost. AIM has also developed a partnership with one of Europe’s largest organic waste processors to produce Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

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