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Theo Van Wely

Theo Van Wely


AIM Environmental Group’s history began in 1989 when Mr Van Wely’s acquisition of a small waste collection firm lead to the birth of AIM Waste Management Inc. In the 30 years that have followed, Mr Van Wely’s passion for innovative new methods of environmental benefit and rehabilitation has led to continuous growth for AIM.

Partnering with Maple Reinders Group Ltd. in 1990, Mr Van Wely began to focus on recycling within the construction and demolition industries, using roofing materials and waste wood to create asphaltic products and densified biomass for European markets.

This partnership left Mr Van Wely experienced in waste logistics services and transforming C&D materials into recyclable streams, as well as leading him to become an early adopter of remediation technologies for ex-situ and in-situ biological treatment of contaminated soils and groundwater. Mr Van Wely then shifted his focus to seeking out more impactful methods of processing organic waste through biological processes.

This search has defined AIM’s singular focus. Having become a developer and operator of processing infrastructure for both the municipal and private sectors, AIM has forged itself into a leading provider of composts and processed derived fertilizers. They continue to prioritize returning organic matter and biology to the soil.

Mark Jared

Mark Jared

Director, Corporate H&S and Regulatory Compliance
General Manager of Wellington Organix Inc.

Based out of Guelph, Ontario, Mr Jared serves as the General Manager for Wellington Organix and as the Director of Corporate H&S and Regulatory compliance for AIM Environmental Group. With over 35 years of multifaceted managerial experience in the manufacturing and ICI sectors, Mr Jared focuses on bringing positive change through next-generation mentoring and fostering an environment of continuous collaborative improvements.

In addition to his corporate responsibilities, Mr Jared manages the operating contract between Wellington Organix and the City of Guelph, overseeing environmental compliance, H&S, and community relations.

Flora Narciso

Flora Narciso CPA, CGA

Accounting Manager

Ms Narciso has been a part of the AIM Team since 2017 and brings over a decade of accounting and financial experience, particularly in the areas of financial reporting, analysis and budgeting.

With a B.A. degree in Public Admin and a Diploma in Business Administration-Accounting, Ms Narciso is currently completing her Masters in Forensic Accounting (MFAcc) with the University of Toronto.

Deeply experienced with both public and private sector reporting in multiple roles and positions, Ms Narciso oversees all of AIM’s accounting and financial reporting and ensures standards are met as per IFRS guidelines.

Ms Narciso has proven herself to be a key member in the streamlining of operations and procedures, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of AIM’s accounting functions. She has also ensured office functions run efficiently and effectively with minimal waste through the use of JIT inventory management.

Will Van Wely

William Van Wely

Strategic Initiative Manager

As the Strategic Initiative Manager for AIM Environmental, Mr Van Wely identifies, assesses, and analyzes solutions for new business development initiatives driving value for AIM customers and stakeholders alike.

Whether identifying new business opportunities or fine-tuning existing business models, Mr Van Wely’s work requires day-to-day collaboration with AIM facility leaders, consumer groups, and vendors and suppliers from European and North American markets.

Championing several demolitions and abatement projects that delivered solid returns and business outcomes, Mr Van Wely has partnered with the senior leadership to explore new funding and financial partners and assess the profitability of all business ventures with a focus on supporting attractive investment models and return on investment.

Holding a B.A. degree in Political Science from Western University and operating as a certified landfill operations manager, Mr Van Wely engages in continuous learning programs that focus on industry leadership and driving current and future sustainable environmental development projects.

Sean Van Wely

Sean Van Wely

Hamilton CCF Operations Manager

Sean has been with AIM for over 13 years, beginning his career as the Maintenance Manager of the Hamilton Facility in 2006. Transferring to the Guelph Facility in 2012, Sean brought a wealth of experience in maintenance and operations, becoming the leader of all areas of operations in the facility. Collaborating with the Chinook Resource Management Group in Calgary in 2016, Sean took on the challenge of designing, building, operating, and maintaining North America’s largest in-vessel organics processing facility. His leadership proved to be instrumental in delivering the key organics processing technology and operating model necessary to achieve all project objectives on time and on budget.

In addition, Sean has championed the development of integration of operating procedures that have laid the foundation for successful performance execution in the Calgary Facilities first year of operation and maintenance. Sean has continued to amass experience leading business and operations as the General Manager of the Hamilton Composting Facility.

With completed studies in Power and Stationary Engineering, Project Management, and Occupational Health & Safety, Sean has excelled at building mechanical, electrical, and operational best practices leading to the successful development of technology and process modeling for organic composting facilities.

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