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Experience | AIM Environmental Group

With larger and denser populations producing increasingly more waste, waste treatment systems are becoming increasingly more complex. Environmentally sustainable and economically feasible procedures are needed to replace traditional waste management techniques, such as landfills, which are deemed to be no longer viable for long-term waste treatment.

AIM Environmental Group and its international support partners are experienced in designing, building, and operating organic waste processing facilities equipped with a full range of technological capabilities. With experience ranging from large in-vessel aerobic composting projects to various types (wet, medium, solid, high solids) of energy-producing anaerobic facilities, AIM provides solutions that support critical marketing aspects of end products derived from various processes employed. This experience extends to marketing compost products, GHG offsets, organic soil nutrient amendments, and process recovered soil nutrients. Combined with market development, AIM has developed both Lifecycle Brand and Peak Compost Brand for current clients, prospective clients, and independent operating entities.

AIM continually invests in creating markets for these and prospective products and amendments as client’s needs are realized across Canada.

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