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Image of a group of people wearing grey t-shirts with the word "Volunteer" on it

At AIM, we value being proactive in the community.

AIM focuses on improving local and global communities. This is considered by AIM to be a joint effort, and we encourage giving back to the community in various ways. From sponsoring local community food programs, sports programs and agricultural events, to helping less fortunate regions in developing countries, our company continues to seek out opportunities in this area for the betterment of society and the global village. AIM’s current initiatives include involvement with:


The John Deere Giving Garden produces a variety of fresh food that is then donated to local food partners.


AIM has been in support of the Reinders Family Foundation, a foundation created by the Reinders family.

They donate a portion of their profits to worthy organizations through the Reinders Family Foundation. Maple encourages civic involvement to enhance our team’s personal character and support local communities. Acting as environmental stewards – reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible and implementing green solutions to day-to-day construction issues


The Hamilton Victory Gardens is a not-for-profit team of community volunteers dedicated to alleviating hunger and food insecurity in our communities by transforming empty city lots into places of community, education, and growth.


AIM has worked with Niagara College’s Career focus program that provides funding for employers and organizations to design and deliver a range of activities that enable youth to make more informed career decisions and develop their skills.


AIM Environmental Group has been actively involved in supporting Wells of Hope, a group committed to providing clean water, basic necessities, and education to impoverished communities in Guatemala. To find out more about the organization or how to donate, please visit their website.

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