Compost Products


Our compost product, Lifecycle & Peak, represent the closed looped system which uses organics from the Green Bin programs across Canada.


(Lifecycle is an Ontario-based compost product, Peak is an Alberta based compost product)

Green Bin or Source Separated Organics (SSO) Compost

Source separated organics are biodegradable materials that can naturally be transformed into compost. These materials include food scraps and leaf & yard material collected from the green bin program. This type of compost balances soil acidity and alkalinity and enhances soil structure. When the final product is produced, the compost will be beneficial to soil health and plant growth.

Biosolds Pellets

EcoPearl is a nutrient-rich biosoilds fertilizer that can be applied in agriculture, landscaping, and in nurseries.  EcoPearl is a sustainable fertilizer that helps aid in the beneficial growth of plants and help reduce reliance on chemical fertilizers and restore native soils to their full productive potential.

For inquiries and or to purchase compost in Ontario please visit the Lifecycle product website  

For inquiries or to purchase compost in Alberta please visit the Peak product website

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