Halifax Ragged Lake Compost Facility



Facility Manager: Darren Evans

AIM Environmental Groups team has recently been engaged through a tendered process by The Halifax Regional Municipality for the management of the operations of the Ragged Lake (Halifax) Composting Facility. The Ragged Lake facility has been producing compost since 1999 and processes approximately 50% of the Source Separated Organics collected by the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). With AIM, HRM has an opportunity to ensure operability of the Ragged Lake facility until such time that they can explore and review a range of processing options for the next generation of organics management for their municipality.

Processing Capacity: 25,000 tonnes per year

Feedstock: Residential Source Separated Organics

Processing System: Portable Static Pile Vessels with Aerated Curing

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Operational Since: 1999

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