City of Calgary Compost Giveaway 2018

Calgary Facility View From Top

May 5th marked the first Calgary Compost Giveaway day where residence of Calgary showed great interest in as they lined down the facilities property eager to get their share of compost produced by the City of Calgary residential Source Separated Organics program. The Calgary Composting Facility opened its doors July 2017 and is AIM’s largest managed processing facility to date with a design process capacity of 145,500 tonnes per year.

Every Saturday in May, Calgarians can go to the Calgary Compost Facility and pick up free compost to help their gardens as compost is a very important soil amendment that aids in beneficial growth of plants.

Images from opening day

To find out more about upcoming giveaways in Calgary visit the City website.

For information on how to apply the compost visit the Peak Compost website.

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